Our vision
Our vision to develop cricket in Sweden. Everyone should be able to feel the joy and desire to move. To develop everyone’s physical and mental strength to turn their life around in a sporting environment. There are four basic and linked parts of what we need to think about in movement understanding: the physical dimension, psychological dimension, the social dimension and the sporting dimension.

Our Objective
►Build up club and include, integrate all facilities that need to in play cricket.
►We will work actively to include all children and young people from the age of 9 to 19 who have interest in playing cricket.
►Develop a good training program and mentorship program to develop the participant’s technology to play cricket and we help them integrate with society.
►We will work to build a positive club culture that helps show sports knowledge team building.
►Finally, we want to develop a path where our young talents can develop their talents and will represent in Sweden in the future.

Our commitment
We must remember that we work for a non-profit association and my contributions go to an exciting and developing
way. It is important how an association can work together to develop and build a safer sports environment for a community. Our target group from 7 years and up (girls and boys) <7 years are cordially welcome to watch and practice their sports activities followed by § safety protocol defined by the club.

Our responsibility
Our responsibility to create a sports environment for safety, happiness and common rights for all young people the generation. We will define an indoor and outdoor § To Do task for our coaches, leaders, managers from the club committee. While Cricket will be the main focus area. We’re coming to share a common dialogue “to train and inspire a new member as well as ensure safe and happiness sports for the rest of your life”

Our roadmap towards the goal