Goodminton has celebrated its 10th anniversary. We are consultants and generalists in system development. We have very deep knowledge in development languages such as .Net, PHP, Java and C/C++. In addition, we run projects according to accepted project methodology, things are tested in different ways with different tools, stylish and according to the rulebook interfaces and UX are developed and we are working on both web and embedded. What unites us is entrepreneurship, quality, curiosity, knowledge and the joy of delivering and seeing our customer happy and satisfied. Let’s meet you and talk more about what we do.

The company started as a reaction to the fact that it was impossible to find sensible gadgets for our children. Our starting point was then, and still is, what we ourselves demand when we stand on a sunny alpine peak or in the gentle wind in the mountains. It should be quality stuff that gives the greatest guarantee of a fun and successful ski trip. Since the start in 2010, we have developed the business entirely along the lines of putting function and skiing fun first.

S Sam redovisning AB
As an accounting firm, we can offer a variety of services. We help you with your accounting, annual accounts and declarations, among other things. Here are some more examples of what we can do as an accounting firm.

Spice Corner is 10 years old well renowned Indian restaurant where both owners and staff have extensive experience of the industry. We know that you customers mean everything to us and that is why we want to create an experience where you can enjoy a good meal in a relaxed atmosphere. We have room for 65 guests indoors and when the weather permits 55 guests outside on our terrace. Of course you can also order for pick-up! Our goal is simply that when you leave Spice Corner you should be so satisfied that you have a smile on your face!

The company began its journey in Sweden in 2022 by the Roy family. Our goal is to present sustainable and environmentally friendly fashion accessories and clothes in the EU market. By maintaining high-quality products and operational standards to ensure a more pleasing apparel market for the country.

The proposed business is believed to contribute considerably to the three pillars of the country’s sustainable development. For instance, it will contribute to the economy through investment and paying the proper taxes to the government. Furthermore, the return on investment will contribute toward a healthy and resilient society in the future. As the proposed business operation will be an online platform, thus it will contribute to the environment. For instance, it could reduce the carbon footprint and water footprint of the jurisdiction, as no additional energy and water will be required for business operation. Consumer adaptability is the challenge all about the next phase of our business. We acknowledge that our business can be maintained in the long run in the clothing and modern fashion industry.
Inspiration String: Fashion + Quality + Value + Convenience